Explore, create, and execute designs for animation characters that articulate the vision of the production.

My name is Toni Reyna, I am a versatile and passionate artist with a wide
range of artistic and technical skills - a cross between an illustrator and a 3D
technical artist.
I come with more than a decade in the animation and game industry and currently serving as a Character Designer for many animation studios. I am also a toy designer having a wide experience in the entertainment industry.

Having a wide experience in the animation, toy design, illustration and video game
, I am always looking for inspirational projects where I can continue to
learn, collaborate and expand my artistic knowledge and capabilities.
I am an experienced illustrator, character and product designer as well as, 3d
generalist for featured animation movie, video games and animation for television.
 I am very familiar with the 2d and 3d production process.
As a concept designer for video games and animation production, I am always excited
and challenged by new techniques and methodologies that lead to creative problem
I have worked on many productions, big and small, and have contributed to
character and background design having a deep understanding of 3d tools and the
production process.
I have spent the most of my career in the UK and Spain in animation and video game
 studios such Sony Computer Animation, Keytoon Animation Studio, Disney Channel, GIRO
Toys, Nexus Productions, Picasso Pictures, TOT Industries, BRON Animation Studios, DXH Animation Studios, BlackDragon Beijing, Ilion Animation Studios, BlueZoo London and many others.
Having good interpersonal and communication skills, I have a solid reputation for
helping to manage effective team projects.
I look forward to the possibility of speaking with you in further detail, and to
present my portfolio to you so you can see the full range of my work.

BLACKDRAGON MEDIA LTD, Beijing — "Journey to the west". Featured animation movie.
Main character designer 2017 (in production)
ILION Animation Studios, Madrid —Character designer.
July 2010 – March 2017
"Mortadelo y Filemón contra Jimmy el Cachondo" (2014) featured animation movie.
"Split" 2016/17 featured animation movie. (in production)
"Amusement Park" 2016 Featured animation movie. (in production)
Several projects under production.
U-tad, Madrid — Character design teacher.
January 2015 – PRESENT
DHX MEDIA, Toronto — "My Little Pony, the movie".
Freelance character designer 2015
BRON, Animation Studios, Vancouver — "Henchmen". Featured animation.
Main character designer 2015 ( Release July 2017)
HUTCH, London — Concept designer freelance.
May 2013 - July 2013Character illustrations for SMASH BANDITS app game.
Giro Toys, Valencia — Product designer.
July 2009 - June 2010
Toy product designer.
SONY Computer Animation Europe, London — Concept designer freelance.
2007 - 2009
Character design for “Eye toy” Play Station games.
"Eye Hero". Main character designer
"Eye Pet". Character designer.
NEXUS Productions, London — Concept designer freelance.
Character design for TV ads.
Picasso Pictures, London — Concept designer freelance.
Character design for TV ads.
Keytoon Animation Studio, Valencia — Character designer.
2003 - June 2006
Character designer for TV ads and animation series.
Pasozebra Animation Studio, Valencia — Character designer.
Character designer for TV ads and animation series.

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